Nerium International unveils Optimera and Nerium Firm!!!!

My mind is going a million different ways right now people!!! Such an amazing day filled with exciting stories and incredible announcements!! I am gonna get right to the good stuff! Canada will be open….

April 21st!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!

Nerium Internationals product philosophy is …

Product development must be based on science.
Proven by 3rd party clinical testing.
Nature-based products that produce real results.
Addresses multiple concerns.
Easy to use.

They have formulated the amazing Optimera Night and Day for Canada’s International product!!!

With clinical trials using the latest scanning equipment…
93% of people saw a reduction in wrinkles!
97% of people saw more radiant skin!

Everyone at the conference got the product free! Cannot wait to try it out tonight!

USA this ones for you! Please welcome Nerium Firm!!!!

92% of people want to prove their bodies! Nerium Firm is anti-aging for your whole body!!!
Upper Arms
Love Handles
Nerium Firm will firm loose skin, and reduce cellulite!
Pictures takin after 28 days of use showed….
92% increased skin hydration
83% smoother skin and reduction in cellulite!!!

Starting tomorrow until the end of May Preferred Customers can get 2 for the price of 1 !!!! Time to get beach body ready!!!


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